« True moments, true coffee »


About us

We are new trend of the coffee world in Spain, here in Specialty Coffee we give great importance to the coffee quality and we do it by respecting each one of its processes, from the selection of the origins beans , passing through a meticulous and controlled process of roasting and cupping, until its extraction and served in cup, from the hands of certified baristas.


True moments, true coffee

«Life is full of moments, true meaningful situations, and in Specialty Coffee we strive, so that every cup of coffee we pour, is full of true coffee, as of true moments.»

How we do it?

A meticulous process

In order to achieve that perfect cup of coffee, it is necessary to meticulously follow every process, from the selection until its extraction and served

The selection

The hand-made pick of the cherry coffee fruits plays a very important part in obtaining the highest quality beans, which is why in , we take care of choosing the best green beans suppliers, and always check that all the quality certifications are being followed.

The roasting

Our master roaster will put these green grains through a controlled toasting process followed by exhaustive cupping until getting the best flavors combination that each selection can have.

The serving

The preparation and certification play an important role in , the elaboration of the best coffee depends on as much as in the love and care for our work, as in our baristas training.

We invite you to enjoy true coffee...

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